Being Pro-Active with Entergy power outages can get your Server online 8 hours faster.

First, I am going to assume that you have an IT support system that offers 24×7 monitoring.   When the internet goes down they should know within about 3-5 minutes.   At that point some questions need to be asked and the most important one is about the status of electric.

Traditionally the only pro-active option has been to configure the UPS to send a panic Alert when it get’s to 20% charge and is shutting down, this however takes quite a bit of skill and time.
There are a number of quick “reactive” options that work pretty well such as calling the Entergy information line: (501) 377-4000, or viewing the outages on the handy little map. However it can be a little tricky to hunt down the address and see if they are affected.

Our best practice is to use Entergy’s mobile message system to alert you when a Server is down because of lost power.
With Entergy’s myAccount texting, you can:

  • Report a power outage.
  • Receive a text message if your power goes out.
  • Receive a text message when your power is restored.
  • View information on your account.
  • Request a payment extension for your bill.
  • Check the status of your work order or permit.

To sign up for text messaging click on  text to number 368374.  Enter your Entergy account number and ZIP code in the message.    Now instead of guessing that a downed pole 4 blocks down is affecting you, you will know for certain that the meter on your building is either hot or cold. Then we pull out the small generator and hook it up to the transfer switch that feeds the dedicated circuit to the server closet. If you don’t have one of those we can get you a quote from a number of local contractors.