A client decided to remodel this old Operatory and rather than have several vendors handle different parts we just took on the whole job.

At this point in the job we have covered the equipment in plastic, scraped down the popcorn ceiling and removed all the wall mounted items. The cabinet drawers have been taken off site so we can remove the glides, sand it down with 120grit, caulk, prime and paint them with our sprayer. The lower cabinet will get a similar treatment but will be rolled instead of sprayed. The formica is dated, so we will pop that off, sand that down and reapply. The walls are going to be a light gray paint and the trim/cabinets will all be darker gray.

And when we are done.. our techs will install TVs, HDMI cables and a new computer.

IT department and facilities management are closely related. Standard Computer can pull permits and perform light construction or remodel work at a fraction of the cost of hiring a General Contractor and sub contractors.

But only for our managed clients!