Actually, no plumber should be in dentistry until they wash their hands but what I really mean is that some of these plumbing jobs look terrible. We IT guys pride ourselves in labeling and organizing our network equipment, cables and computers. Infact we admire the work of electricians (usually). We call it cable porn when we have photos of well organized and easy to troubleshoot network racks. I say this to make clear that we are not licensed plumbers and there may be perfectly good reasons for the shoddy work. But until someone tells me what those reasons are, I will call them out.

I was in an attic pulling network cable and I observed copper Lines ran under the blown insulation between the rafters. They could have easily been damaged by my foot. Compare that description to the below photo of the structured lines with labels and flow directions marked. I don’t know how much more it costs or how long you have to wait to get that craftsman onsite, but I think it would be better to scrimp of the vacuum pump than on the lines.

Should a plumber really be able to use refrigerant lines for vacuum, oxygen and nitrous?

Duct tape label- needs improvement
So Good!