Don’t Mount Directly to Sheetrock

Standard Computer > DSO > Don’t Mount Directly to Sheetrock

Project Details

  • Rip out a Sheetrock IT closet
  • DSO in Florida
  • Network ClosetsDSO
  • July 12, 2020

100% Rip out and Reinstall of Sheetrock IT Closet

Networking equipment spread out on two walls, server located in different room under a desk. Equipment is screwed into sheetrock and is falling out. Power cords, UPS and surge protector are randomly chained together. The internet firewall has (6) power connections between it and the wall outlet, any of which could fail and produce downtime. Equipment was improperly anchored and was pulling out and falling to the ground.

Networking equipment consolidated into one wall, subdivided the Alarm system from the client network. All equipment is secured into cabinet grade plywood, clearly labeled. Powercords are managed and grouped on the UPS based on priority. Server moved from under the desk to this office, additional wifi installed to provide coverage to back ops.