Free up your closet space

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Project Details

  • Shallow Network Closet
  • DSO in Florida
  • Network ClosetsDSO
  • June, 5, 2020

Recover closet space with proper networking

Shallow closet with full sized 2 post network rack, 95% of rack is empty, closet is crowded and difficult to troubleshoot.
Telecom board full of old equipment, Equipment is loose and dangling by cables, Excessive length patch cables obfuscating the view of equipment, critical equipment not labeled.



The entire left side of the closet is now empty and made available for staff to use for admin purposes. All network equipment is logically stacked on the right side, all equipment is secured to the wall, clearly labeled, all diagnostic read out lights can be seen for rapid troubleshooting of network issues.  The client now has recovered 70% of the closet space for storage of other equipment necessary to run the office.