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I already had a respectable IT company, I found out that I was missing out on the absolute best computer support available. I also found out that I had quite a few problems with my network that could have caused major headaches soon. I was very disappointed that my previous company missed these issues after what I had been paying them. The “team” of standard Computer was very impressive. 24 hour service, 100% Knowledge, this team is 100% appreciative of your business! I have dealt with at lead 4 (four) computer gurus during my 24 years of practice and now can relax knowing I’m covered by knowledgeable guys.
If you’re not impressed with Standard Computer then I will buy you a BIG MAC with extra cheese!!
Steven Ray, D.D.S., Ray Dental
Standard Computer is very efficient, systems are faster, employees are great, problems are addressed and fixed fast, equipment installed quickly. When we call Standard Computer we don’t have to wait 2-3 days for someone to respond they are always available immediately. We absolutely recommend their monthly services- Guys are great, always nice even when I call them early in the morning and wake them up! Our previous IT company took days or weeks to call us back regarding problems with our computers. The guys at standard computer are available 24-7, I have never had to wait.
Gail Holmes, Dr. Ted Jolley
Standard Computer has complete IT services and prevention. In my business, I can’t have a computer or server go down and then wait days for another to be built and then have programs loaded so it can function. Having a HIPAA certified IT technician really is a stress relief. Other IT companies are behind on staying up-to-date on electronic HIPAA protocols.
Sean Gore, D.D.S., ASAP Smile Center
Our backup system wasn’t working. I received a letter & called right away. I talked to Sean and he came out the very next day. We now have a reliable backup. He and Jeremiah were able to figure out our needs and issues. We have received prompt attention we haven’t received in the past. Everyone has been so helpful. We have been really impressed with the knowledge of the staff.
Lorie Davis, Office Manager, Skinner Family Dentistry

Standard Computer is prompt when responding to requests for service…which is very productive for our office. When the practice was changing locations, we needed immediate assistance so our daily routine would not be interrupted. Standard Computer responded and completed the task at OUR convenience.

Stephen W. Boatright, D.D.S, Boatright Endodontics
Different dental offices have unique needs. I represent an office that is very dependent on our technology and needs constant help and attention. But, as a dentist and owner, I have a lot of different things on my plate and priorities shift around. Standard Computer helps me to have control of the technology piece of the plate.”
Gregory Stafford, D.D.S, Downtown Dental Care


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Evaluating Network Cables to Guage the Value of Your I.T. Support

May 4th, 2019|

History has shown that the method and manner that a company has it’s Network Cables ran is often a good indicator of it’s need for IT support services. The theory is pretty simple, if the network cables are tidy and clean and following standards then somebody is probably looking out for the computers as well. However, if the cables are a mess and generally hacked together, that business probably needs some I.T. Support services. So here are the best ways to evaluate the network cables to determine the need for additional I.T. Support services, again this is written as WORST case scenario. More often than not you will have some of these even in a well-ran network department. #1 – An employee desk in a company that has poor network management will be looking at cables running down the wall cables taped to the floor cables that come out holes in the drywall. They will probably see lots of tape and thumbtacks used to secure cables to the wall. If anything is labeled it will be done with post-it notes or little paper flags [...]

Being Pro-Active with power outages

May 4th, 2019|

Being Pro-Active with Entergy power outages can get your Server online 8 hours faster. First, I am going to assume that you have an IT support system that offers 24×7 monitoring.   When the internet goes down they should know within about 3-5 minutes.   At that point some questions need to be asked and the most important one is about the status of electric. Traditionally the only pro-active option has been to configure the UPS to send a panic Alert when it get’s to 20% charge and is shutting down, this however takes quite a bit of skill and time. There are a number of quick “reactive” options that work pretty well such as calling the Entergy information line: (501) 377-4000, or viewing the outages on the handy little map. However it can be a little tricky to hunt down the address and see if they are affected. Our best practice is to use Entergy’s mobile message system to alert you when a Server is down because of lost power. With Entergy’s myAccount texting, you can: Report a power outage. Receive a [...]

The Boyd Lawfirm Fire of 2013

May 4th, 2019|

“None of our clients are going to suffer, everything we needed was backed up. It’s a temporary hit in the stomach that we wish hadn’t happened but like I said, tough times don’t last, tough people do and we will persevere”  Charlie Boyd, Boyd Lawfirm PLLC.  THV Statement Our client, Charlie Boyd had a server, we had it backed up on fireproof backup drives.  In 2013 his office was destroyed in a fire, Mr Boyd lost no data.   We advocate for the IOSAFE fireproof backup drives whenever possible because we never know when the next fire will strike.

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