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Our Process

Preparing For Your Meeting With Standard Computer

Free Audit

Start with a complete audit of your IT environment, security, backups and more. After this Audit we will provide you with all the information and a no-obligation proposal to maximize the performance of your computer systems.

Stabilization Plan

Our team will overhaul your practice. We optimize your computer systems and ensure that your security and backups are working fast and glitch-free.

Ongoing maintenance

Dental offices enjoy a flat-fee for IT support expenses. We include unlimited helpdesk, free backups, antivirus, firewall and Wifi management.

It Support For Dental

What does a tidy network closet say about your practice?

A clean, tidy, network closet means that someone with high-attention to detail and professionalism is in charge of your IT department. This level of professionalism will be carried out into software updates, backups, security software and other compliance areas. 

If the closet looks unprofessional then we believe that this signals that all the other IT work is sloppy as well


Managed Systems


Server Backups


Completed Projects


Happy Dentists

Medical Grade Computer

How We Prepared For Your Business Success.

Backup are our Foundation

Our backups are a complete snapshot of your environment and allow your practice to quickly restore to the same hardware or a completely new server.   We supplement our backups with offsite/cloud backups.  We are the largest consumers of Altaro backup software in the State of Arkansas and have special pricing that cannot be beat.

Beautiful Office


We constructed a 2 story, 1700SF office purely out of cash flow.  It took years to get done so we customized every square inch to be a work of beauty and function. We have built something special that allows us to work more efficiently than most office layout would permit.

We have a library

Sean loves books and a significant part of the office space is dedicated to the quiet enjoyment of training materials.   Standard Computer pays for all exams and certifications.

We use the best tools.


Not only do we naturally enjoy tinkering with the latest and greatest solutions on the market, we also maintain complete control of the toolsets used.  Many of our competitors use the transitional state between tool A and tool B as a sales opportunity.  We don't.  If a better mousetrap comes along, our clients just get it.  We negotiate prices so there is no increase.

Who We Are

100% Managed IT for Your Dental Practice

We work directly with your vendors

We work directly with your staff

We fix things and report to you

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Keep Your Business Safe Ensure High Availability.

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